Join us Wed, May 4th, 2016 at 4:30 pm!

celine bags migrationweekWe’d like  to announce a special event occurring here at Jim’s Home Brew. As such, we will be closing early on Wednesday.
From Chicago canada goose down retail locations Canada Goose down replica discounts, Goose Island Brewery will hold a special  deconstruction class on the their famous “Bourbon County Stout”.   Head brewer Austin Niestrom and lab technician Matt Cinatl will walk us through a sensory experience that is part of the brewing process. Additionally, there will be liquid samples available for tasting.

canada goose canada goose Following the class,  a documentary will be shown at  the Magic Lantern Theater over the history of the beers development.

celine bags In order to attend, you will need to RSVP here, at

Hope to see you here!